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How can I get my workmates involved?

Put a twist on the occasion and organise Friday night drinks and nibbles or swap your dinner party to a lunch party. Or be cheeky and start working on the boss to host a BBQ at his place or at work.

I want to get involved but I am not a very good cook?

That’s a great excuse to nominate a friend to host a dinner party instead or you could nip out and grab some nice takeaway, set the table, discard wrappers and containers and dish the meal up like you own it.

How does the World’s Biggest Dinner work?

World’s Biggest Dinner is a way to allow everybody to take part and enjoy great food and great company whilst raising funds to fight cancer.

It’s a simple and easy idea…As a wonderful host, you invite your friends over for a delicious dinner and have them give you a donation for what they would have spent on a meal out.

What if i’d like to host a dinner but Sat 4th of November 2017 doesn’t suit?

If you can’t host a dinner on this date, no problem, host the dinner on whatever date you would like (preferably prior to November 4th, 2017). The date has been set so that on a worldwide scale we are trying to host all dinners on the same day to make it truly The World’s Biggest Dinner.