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Introducing Carlo Tonini

My Story

Like any good story more times than not it’s born over a couple of beers!


I’d like to share with you a little story about myself with a view that you may assist me on my journey. Back in early 2010 I was sharing a beer with a close friend and we got onto the topic of running marathons. As I am an individual that likes to give most things a go I commented that I wouldn’t mind trying to run a marathon. My mate nearly choked on his beer and replied……”You!…. run a marathon.” Naturally I didn’t take that too well (If you knew me that comment was like waving a red rag to a bull) I may be short and stocky but stronger is belief in me that “If you think you can, You will!”

Suffice to say I went home that day and googled local marathons and committed myself to enter the 2010 Gold Coast Airport Marathon. With several months of preparation, I’m pleased to report that I completed the marathon in 4hrs 12 mins 58 secs. It was a truly emotional and rewarding journey. The following year I visited my Brother-in-Law in New York where I entered the New York Marathon. If you ever decide to do a marathon and you only want to do one, then this is the one you should plan to tackle.

On my return I researched marathons further and came across a website that advertised membership into The Seven Continents Marathon Club and The Marathon Grand Slam Club. To enter this exclusive group you must complete a recognised marathon on each continent (7 in total), to get into the Grand Slam Club you need to add a marathon in the Arctic (8 in total).

To date approx 180 people worldwide have achieved this feat and are recognised in the 7 continents club and approx only 86 have achieved this feat and are recognised in the Grand Slam Club.

With that was set my bucket list life goal of gaining membership into The Marathon Grand Slam Club! That then got me thinking further if I was going to embark on such a journey how can I help someone in the process. So as well as setting this physical challenge for myself, I also set a financial goal of raising $250,000 for Cancer Research. It is amazing the impact this horrid disease is having Worldwide, not only on the patient but also the toll it takes on family and friends. I can say from my own experience that I have lost people close to me that have succumbed to this horrible disease. So with this I am hoping to assist by raising much needed funds towards assisting researchers in helping to find a cure and rid the world of this disease. Imagine a world without Cancer!

So where am I to date with my Physical and Financial goals:

2010 – Completed the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (Australia)

2011 – Completed the ING New York Marathon (North America)

2012 – Had a break.

2013 – Completed the Virgin London Marathon (Europe)

2014 – Completed the Great Wall of China Marathon (Asia)

2015 – Completed the Big Five Marathon (Africa) (Through a game park…..gulp!)

2016 – Completed the hardest marathon in the world, The Inca Trail Marathon (South America)

2017 – On 24th of November I will be tackling one of the coldest marathons in the world, The Ice Marathon (Antarctica)

2019 – Tackling the other coldest marathon in the world, The North Pole Marathon………..Then I hope to say….”Goal completed!”

Regarding my financial goal of raising much need funds for Cancer Research, to date I have raised just over $118,000. As strong as my determination is to complete the physical challenge, also is the drive to ensure that I reach my goal of $250,000 for Cancer Research.

Thank you for your time and hope you will be willing to support me on my Physical and Financial goal journey.