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Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tip #1: Set your fundraising goal – the higher the goal, the more you’ll raise.

The higher you set your fundraising goal, the more people will donate to you – sounds too simple right?

But put yourself in the place of a friend or family member…would you donate more to a friend if his/her goal was $200 or $2000?

People want to support you and the things which are important to you, so setting a high goal shows ambition, commitment and determination to a cause which you believe in.


Fundraising Tip #2: Sponsor yourself first
Before you send an email or post a message on Facebook, show your friends, family members, colleagues and contacts that you ‘practice what you preach’ and make a donation to yourself first.

If you are asking others to do so, then it is a great idea to lead by example.

Your family and friends will be encouraged to support you if you have started off your fundraising journey yourself.

Remember, if you make the first donation a large amount it often sets the precedent for donations that follow.



Fundraising Tip #3: Ask everyone

Spread the word through all your personal networks and tell them about your fantastic efforts in helping people with cancer. We often hear stories about donations coming from the most unlikely people and places!

When sending an email out to fundraise, include:

  • Friends – include your extended networks (time to reconnect?)
  • Family – you can always count on them
  • Employer – many companies are looking for ways to support their employees
  • Colleagues – they might even rally more support or ask the company to sponsor you
  • People you have sponsored previously – it’s payback time
  • Clients – it could be a reward for all your hard work
  • Suppliers – ask the people that you already support
  • Facebook friends – a quick and easy way to ask for support
  • Friends from your social club/community group – what better way to give back to the community?
  • Sporting team mates – then maybe you’ll let them off easy in your next match

It may sound funny, but people actually get offended if you do not ask them. Often they think that you must not view them as people worth communicating to on matters that are important to you.

Some of them may even forward your page to their friends as well.

Let’s face it, if someone does not want to support you, they won’t…it’s that simple.

All you have to do is ask!


Fundraising Tip #4: Send a reminder email

You’ve sent the emails asking for donations and your friends and family do intend to donate, they just delay it as the event is still some time away.

Send them a reminder email to update them on your fundraising efforts and to let them know that others have supported you – they will be more like to do the same!