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Plan your Dinner Party

Planning a Dinner Party can be lots of fun and very exciting. Here are a few little tips to help you make your dinner party process easy.

1. Set your date: Pick a date that suits you and your guests.

2. Start planning: Think about what kind of dinner party you would like to host. The choice of dinner party is entirely up to you – whether it be a BBQ, a lavish three course meal or a picnic in the park. Remember to keep it simple for yourself and have fun.

3. Invite your guests: Have a think about who you would like to invite and start sending out your invitations.

Remind your guests that you’re hosting your dinner party to support people living with cancer and to make a donation (before or during the event) – no matter how big or small.

4. Have fun: Now this is the fun part. At your dinner party enjoy your great food with your friends and family for a great cause.

5. Thank and bank: Thank all your amazing guests for attending and for their wonderful support in the fight against cancer.