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World’s Biggest Dinner


The World’s Biggest Dinner is a fundraising initiative for cancer research, allowing anybody in this great World of ours, to take part and enjoy great food and great company, whilst raising awareness and vital funds to find a cure for cancer.

A little piece of trivia for you? How many countries are there in the World? Do you know?

There are 196 countries in the World, so the aim of this initiative is to get as many countries in the world involved in this initiative as possible


It’s a simple and easy idea…We have set a date of Saturday 4th November, 2018.

If you can’t host a dinner on this date, no problem, host the dinner on whatever date you would like (preferably prior to November 4th, 2018). The date has been set so that on a worldwide scale we are trying to host all dinners on the same day to make it truly The World’s Biggest Dinner.


Please register on the website to host a dinner or bbq or party – whatever you like! Just have plenty of fun!!!!


On this day we’d like you to invite your family and friends over for a delicious dinner and have them give you a donation for what they would have spent on a meal out.


Whether ‘dinner party’ for you means a three course meal, a BBQ, cocktails and canapés, a good ‘ol party or a picnic in the park – it is fantastic to know we are all dining together on this day in the fight to end cancer.

Be as creative as you like and have lots of fun!

Simple right? So what are you waiting for…grab your recipe books, invite your friends over and put on your apron, pour a glass of wine and get ready to cook up a storm.


Individually we can’t solve the problems of the world but together we can conquer anything put in front of us!